Welcome to AMPAK Logistics

Welcome to AMPAK Logistics the leader in logistics services where it is needed
most… Los Angeles, CA. The AMPAK Logistics executive team combines 65 years of
experience in supply chain and logistics product lines.

We offer a full range of transportation, third party logistics (3PL), supply chain
management & procurement services. Our objective is to continually demonstrate
and deliver to our customers the benefits of a full supply chain company.

Some of these benefits include: cost savings through economies of scale and
establishing a local or regional presence with one of the leading providers.

Our Services

Outsourcing logistics services to a 3PL provider is an established practice among
companies worldwide. Providing our services in; Full truck load, LTL, port &
intermodal drayage, dedicated and on-demand trucking, mode optimization,
warehouse and distribution.


Coordinate retailer specific routing
Carrier selection, price negotiations and management

Warehousing and

Cross Docking
Just in Time (JIT)


Analysis on transportation costs Domestic and International
Analysis on warehousing costs and performance

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