Even small variances in inventory can greatly impact your supply chain. Caught with too little and you have rush charges, express delivery fees and unhappy customers. Order too much and you increase costs and risk write-offs for obsolete or expired goods. A view of your inventory across all channels ensures that your goods are where they are needed at all times.

Get to know inventory management, optimized to meet your criteria. Enjoy warehouse tasking, based on your operational process. Avail yourself of on-the-fly tracking of all inventory events. Access quantitative management information regarding quantity, location, status and history of every item in every aspect of your supply chain.

Not only can you see the status of your inventory at every point in your supply chain, you can share inventory data with your suppliers so they can better manage production and shipments. The more extensive and intricate your supply chain becomes, the greater the demand for optimized inventory management. Proactive control over your inventory results in customer satisfaction, increase profits and reduce inventory levels and costs.