Why Choose Us ?

The AMPAK team has extensive experience in multiple sectors such as automotive, technology, consumer and retail, printed matter, energy, aerospace, and healthcare.  Capable of handling the needs of multinational clients, AMPAK has the expertise to tailor solutions for  customers of all requirements and needs.

Founded in 2019 by four leading logistics professionals, AMPAK logistics is dedicated to providing superior logistics services both into and out of the Los Angeles market. Our specialties include supply chain management from point of origin, warehousing and inventory management, distribution services, and transportation management both international and domestic.

Mission Statement

At AMPAK we will use our combined 65 years of knowledge in the Los Angeles logistics market to build a company that provides value to our customers. Through our understanding of what drives both fixed and variable costs in this market we will be able to reduce the unpredictability of supply chain costs. By leveraging relationships gained over our years of experience with major transportation providers we will be able to sustain service to our customers even in times of diminished capacity.

We will do this with the combined purchasing power of all of our customers providing a high level of service unrelated to the size of the customer.  Our adherence to a cost model and management structure devoid of corporate overhead and entrapments will allow us to remain flexible to the needs of the customer.